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Please note:

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic began, we have halted sales, rentals and production of our media kiosks.

You will find much of the entertainment found on the media kiosks on our streaming service, CoolNerdTV (www.CoolNerd.TV).

This streaming service is on all Web Browsers, Roku and Android App. It will be on iOS and FireTV in early 2021.

There is a pricing tier system of great value for public institutions.

Digital Vendor Aggregation &
Side-Loading Media Files

     CoolNerd Kiosks aggregate a library's digital content from multiple digital vendors, (OverDrive, RBDigital, Freegal, Kanopy, etc). With one search, library patrons efficiently browse multiple digital catalogs, borrow ebooks, audiobooks, music and movies without first wasting time by going through each catalog app. We combine patron search, send borrowed content to their accounts and tell them by email in which app to find it.

CNKS integrate nicely with physical books
Stream Video Content via CoolNerdTV
Petrides HS Student.jpg
High School Students like side-loading Audiobooks and Videos to their cell phones 
How To Side-Load Media
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